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Free crafts projects include different patterns of making easy homemade gifts it also includes crafting activities like Knitting, basketry, flower arrangements, decoupage, needle works, kids crafts, ribbon, crochets woodworking and many more. Some basic free crafts projects are discussed below:

Cookie bags: Make cookie gift bag on this Christmas and present you’re relatives with some thing mouth watering. It is an easy craft project to make at home as it needs some easily available things. Materials needed for making cookie bag;

* Ingredients for making cookies
* Plastic bag
* Rubber band
* 1 colored cloth of your choice
* Decorative ribbon
* Cookie cutter

Family Craft Album: Making Family album is a wonderful free crafts idea. It is a nice gift item to gift your family members and friends; you can gift it to your near and dear ones on any special occasion. It works as a past memory it can even be transferred to the future generations of a family. For future memory you can even add date and time into it.

Photo Frame:  Make distressed photo frame and decorate the interiors of your home. It is an easy free crafts pattern you can try it at home taking less time from your busy schedules. Some necessary materials needed for making the distressed photo frame;

  • 1 picture frame of your choice
  • Small old rags
  • 1 tin spray( white or off white)
  • 1 kitchen knife or any other sharp instrument

Juggling Balls: You can help your kids in making juggling balls by consulting some free crafts ideas from different books widely available in market. You can attach a spring or an elastic string at the back of it with the help of a glue stick.

You can consult free crafts pattern books and get thousands of free crafts ideas. These ideas can motivate both you and your child. Some of the free crafts ideas are very easy while others are a bit tough. Some crafts projects will take barely 10 to 15 minutes while others may take hours and even some may take days that depend on the form and nature of crafts.

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