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Free craft projects are crafting ideas taken from different craft experts and craft theme books. Free craft projects provide satisfactory knowledge regarding craft and craft oriented concepts. You can consult different sites and books on free craft project themes as there are plenty of craft related techniques given in these for all age groups. Free craft projects include crafting ideas on certain things like flower arrangement, ribbon decoration, stamping, beading, holiday crafts, needle works, candle decorations etc.

Feathered Bird: This craft project is very simple and easy to make. It is a simple craftwork and it takes very less time to be made. This craftwork is also called terracotta Birdbath it can increase the charm of your lawn and your front yard.

Hand Painted Glass: Making hand painted glass is a wonderful free craft idea. You can make a beautiful elegant glass and decorate your home with this handmade glass ornament not only on occasions but any time and on any day. It is also a nice gift item to present your friends and relatives. For making hand painted glass you will need some materials like; paint brush (small), paint of your choice, glass ornaments and some hooks for hanging. And last but not the least your own creativity.

Candleholder: Making candle holder is a perfect free craft project. You can make it of any shape of your choice again that depends own your creative power. For making candleholder you will need some easily available things like; paint and paint brush, scissor, damp tissue paper, wrapping paper of your choice, tissue paper (yellow), glass candleholder and decoupage. Consult different free craft projects and enjoy while making them.

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