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The free craft pattern includes knitting, crochet, craft patterns and projects. Free craft pattern includes ideas on, basketry, floral arrangements and decorations, decoupage, ribbon, stamping, needle, woodworking, kid’s crafts, crochets, beading and many more.

Some free craft patterns are discussed as follows:

Photo Frame: The distressed photo frame is very common household decoration nowadays it is very easy to make at home as it takes very little time and adds beauty to the interiors of a house. Things needed to make a distressed photo frame are:

* Some old rags of small size
* A tin of white or off white spray
* Any sharp tool like kitchen knife

* One picture frame.

Cookie gift bag: On Christmas you won’t have to think much as there is a great option to gift your near and dear ones with a bag full of cookies, only you need a few materials and a bit of time from your busy schedule.

Following things are needed to make your cookie bag;

* 1 recipe of cookies
* Ingredients to make the cookies
* A piece of colored cloth
* Plastic bag
* Cookie cutter
* Rubber band
* Decorative ribbon

Leaf Collage: Fall crafts are great free craft pattern for kids as they are very easy to make and give great fun. Kids love gathering fallen leaves and creating new things from fallen leaves. Basic materials needed for making fall leaf collage are;

* Grasses
* Fall leaves
* Wax paper
* Flower petals
* Old crayons
* Iron
* Cheese grater
* Iron

Family Album: Family album is a nice gift item and a good memory for future generations of a family. There is also a good scope of incorporating date and time for future recollection. It is widely used as a birthday gift item, anniversary present, or Christmas present. Your choice of album should depend on your necessity.

Owing to increasing popularity and need of free craft pattern there are many product guides and craft patterns introduced from sewing, rubber stamps, flower arrangement patterns and decorating different articles of daily use.

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