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Fiber crafts include basic craft ideas on knitting, crochets, sewing and weaving. Fiber craft is sub divided into different types these types are discussed below:

Macramé: The term macramé implies a form of fiber craft made by implying the method of knotting, and not by weaving or knitting. Macramé is also used by sailors to decorate different parts of ships. Through Macramé geometric patterns are also brought they are called Cavandoli macramé variety. Some basic materials used in macramé crafts are hemp, cotton, twine, yarn and leather.

Rug Hooking: Rug hooking is a type of traditional fiber craft. Rugs are made with the help of fabrics. The rug designs are always produced commercially these designs are very complex like flowers or animals. Since past 200 years rug hooking has become very popular in North America.

Spinning: Spinning is the process of creating fibers with the help of many raw fibers. The primitive method of spinning was different it was generally by slanting the fibers in hand, with the passing of time the spinning wheel was introduced which made the work of spinning more easy and resultant more and better production of yarn.

Weaving: The earliest textile art or fiber craft is weaving. Weaving is done by adjusting two sets of thread the wrap and the weft by designing them on a piece of cloth. The clothes used in weaving could be of any type or color according to choice. At present the majority of woven products are formed with the help of three widely popular methods these are, twill weave Satin weave and plain weave.

Lace- Making: The art of lace making became popular from the Armenia region. It is an earliest hand craft. Lace is a type of very smooth and fine quality fabric where the design is made by creating open whole in the fabric with the help of either machine or hand.

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