Felt Craft


These fibers come in the structure off fabric and in this way it becomes very soft and supple. The origin of felt crafts is influenced by cultural legends. Felt crafts is practiced even now in different traditional styles of Asia. In different Asian countries felt crafts is practiced in the forms of rugs, clothing and tents especially by nomadic people. Felt crafts is originated in London craft fair. The London craft fair at present is in its second week with 150 artisans presenting their wares in the fair. Week wise different crafting themes are followed in the fair.

Manufacturing methods (felt crafts):

  • At first wool is woven into a piece of cloth then to interlock the fabric, by using pressure and steam the piece of cloth is felted.
  • The resultant fabric is very durable.
  • The thickness of the fabric is ½’’.
  • The fabric is used generally for printing, door seals, and musical instruments.

Aetna Felt Corporation is the leading manufacturer of felt crafts. The company is producing a broad range of wool felt, synthetic felt and wool blend felt apart from this the company also fabricates a wide range of non metallic materials. The inexpensive rug felts can be easily transformed into expensive one. The transformation only needs a little planning and care. The materials needed for changing the rug crafts are: Dressler stencils, synthetic felt rug pad acrylic paint acrylic paint, papertowels, paper plates, spray adhesives.

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