Egyptian Art



Egyptian art is similar to any other art type. Egyptian art is the art and architecture developed by the Nile valley Civilization From 5000 BC to 300 BC; Egyptian art refers to the style of sculpture, architecture, painting and crafts. The Egyptian art is stylist and symbolic it is a reference of canonical 2nd and 3rd dynasty art methods. Egyptian art maintained its stability till 3000 year.

Regularity, clear observation, factual representation of nature and life and following strict rules are some of the chief characters of Egyptian art. Egyptian art basically follows three dimensional forms in almost every art pattern. Since ancient Egyptians were highly devotional a great influence of this nature is found in every Egyptian art form many Egyptian arts have frequent mention of divine gods and Goddesses. The remarkable feature of Egyptian art is order and clarity clearly drawn simple line segments create good harmony of order and balance in Egyptian art. Egyptian art maintained political, religious, and artistic order in its art style.

Symbolism in Egyptian Art

Symbolism played an important role in Egyptian art it maintained balance and order in art. Egyptian symbolic art ranged from Pharaoh’s regalia to symbols of Egyptian God’s and goddesses. Animal feature were also common in symbolic Egyptian art. Since Egyptian art is marked for its regularity and illustration of nature and human being, Egyptian artists tried to maintain this pattern in every art form. Whatever may be the form and style, Egyptian art always abide by one strict principle that is representation of nature, environment and man in every art form.

In the Egyptian architectural buildings and monuments no base support was provided only the strength and balance of the structure itself provided the support. Following this style many big and beautifully decorated constructions were made. Egyptians used potteries in forms of steatite; these were finely carved pieces of amulets, vases, symbols of animals and human beings. The Egyptian sculptures generally represented gods, pharaohs, divine king and queen in physical forms.

Egyptian Art in Literature

Egyptian art is also mentioned in ancient Egyptian literatures both the literature and text oriented pictures used to be applied on papyrus and on wall paintings. The topic of such art style was prayers of God, texts on myths and magic and many other such mentions. Such stories became very popular and managed to survive even after thousands of years. Generally the ancient Egyptian paintings themes were based on lives journey and mention of deities in physical forms.

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