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Jesus Christ died on a Friday almost two thousand years ago. Christians believe that, on the following Sunday, Christ rose from the dead and, in doing so, proved that He is the Son of God. The day Jesus died and was buried is known as Good Friday and the following Sunday is Easter. Christians celebrate the resurrection of Christ each year between March 22nd and April 25th. These religious celebrations include family gatherings when people exchange gifts among themselves.
You can have so many choices of making Easter crafts. Some of them are discussed bellow:

Easy Sponge Painted Eggs:

This Easter craft is very easy to do. This Easter craft project is for kids of 7 years and up. Things needed for making eggs are

* Hard boiled eggs
* Acrylic craft paints in the colors of your choice
* Household sponge
* Paper towel
* Small bowl of water
* Egg holder or empty egg carton.

Decorated Bejeweled Cross:

This lovely cross will make a wonderful Easter craft project. All that is needed is some cardboard, white paint and some colorful craft jewels. This Easter craft project is for kids of 3 years and up.

Fluffy tin can lamb:

If you are looking for a super-easy Easter craft, then this is the ideal project. This sweet little lamb can be used as a wonderful pencil holder or a candy or coin holder. This Easter craft will be a great surprise for your kids. This Easter craft project is for the kids of 3 years and up. Thing needed for making this Easter craft are,

* Empty tin or can,
* Large paint brush,
* 45-50 cotton balls,
* One-half of a sheet of black felt,
* Two medium wiggle eyes,
* Piece of colored ribbon, and
* White craft glue.

Cone Cup Bunny:

You can make a different kind of Easter basket from cone shaped drinking cups. For making this Easter craft things needed are,

* 2 Paper cone cups
* Glue
* Scissors
* Easter grass
* Crayons, markers, or paints
* Purple and pink strips of paper and
* A rabbit’s photograph.

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