Origin of the Word:

The word crochet has originated from a French word croc or crochet which means hook.

Crochet means creation of various fabrics with the help of cord, fibers, thread and wire. According to popular beliefs, the art of crochet emerged from the countries of Arabia, South America and china. But others believe that crochet came in popularity in Europe during 1800. After its evolution crochet became very popular, as it was very easy to make and teach. In fact the emergence of crochet became a medium of status symbol as crochet became a cheap substitute for lace.

Crochet and Knitting:

Many elaborate versions of crochet are derived from the earlier and the fundamental methods, hairpin lace, filet crochet, broomstick lace, cro hook, Tunisian crochet, Irish crochet and many such forms of crochet. The very nature of crochet differs from knitting, as any type of materials can be used for crochet. Crochet can be molded into three dimensional pieces like toys, bags and hats. Crochet faced a massive downfall in its popularity in 20th century, but in the 21st century, people showed a great interest in art and craft as a result of improvement in the quality of fibers.

Crochet Based Tuitions:

In the modern era there are crochet based tuitions and instructions held especially for those interested in learning this art. If you are interested in buying crochet based stuffs, you will not have to lose hope as there are verities of crochet stuffs found in market like, crochet cloak, crochet patterns and cards, crochet based dresses for women, crochet magazines etc.

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