Corporate Art


Corporate Art offers various design options to the clients. Corporate art provides designs from the latest and best in contemporary original art, huge range of high quality prints on paper or canvas which suit any budget or interior design requirement.

Corporate artists may have:

• Painters

• Sculptors

• Glass artists

• Ceramicists

• Photographers and

• Print makers

If you are a developer, interior designer or an architect, collector or home owner your necessity can expand from a specific piece of corporate art to multiple prints or large scale projects to suit a space, color and design scheme.

Corporate Art services include:

  • Personalized Service :

Corporate art offers a direct guideline on paintings, through the art buying process, for the clients.

  • Selection:

Corporate artists suggest paintings that are suitable for each budget, physical space and visual requirements.

  • Installation:

Installation of all artworks at client's premises is managed by corporate art and many more.

Corporate art consultants can understand the size, color and design of a piece of art which can greatly enhance the ambience of your interior. Professional team of corporate art can visit your home or office to assist you in selecting and placing art. Many corporate art galleries have a large display of stunning art for you to take home on home endorsement.

To ensure that clients select the most apt artwork for their proposed space, corporate art galleries provide the option of taking art selections to your home or office where you can view the art in its projected atmosphere.

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