Christian Art


Christian art is art that bridges many segments of Christianity. The unifying theme of Christian art is the depiction of the life and times of Jesus Christ and in some cases the Old Testament. Depictions of saints are also common in Christian art. Much of the art surviving from Europe , after the fall of the Roman Empire is known as Christian Art . The development of Christian art in the Byzantine Empire continued the previously known trends, like oriental and Hellenistic.

A work of Christian art usually portrays a specific person or religious event. Each masterpiece usually demonstrates symbolism native to that religious sect. There is no unifying "Christian" symbol. Most importantly, the Christian Cross does not look the same throughout Christian denominations.

However, the following are general symbols that are stuffed throughout most Christian art works:

* Images of Jesus
* The Christian cross , which represents the life, death, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ as well as human deliverance because of His sacrifice
* Love
* Life
* Death and many more.

Themes that often seen in Christian art are:

* Adoration of the Magi
* Adoration of the shepherds
* Assumption of the Virgin Mary
* Angels in art
* Descent from the Cross
* The Last Supper
* Madonna and Child
* The Raising of the Cross etc.

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