Chinese New Year Craft


The Chinese New Year starts with the falling of new moon on the first day of New Year the celebration goes on till fifteen days and ends again with the fall of new moon fifteen days later.
On this February 18, 2007, Celebrate Chinese New Year with the ideas given below:

Crawl Snake: On this New Year enjoy your day by making a long circle creepy snake by taking following list of items; scissors, glue stick, construction paper and your creative imagination.

Chinese Dragon: Make your dragon booster by your imagination. You can make it of any shape and size, for dressing your dragon use dark colored rough fabrics of your choice. You are free to use jewels and sequins on the dragon's dress. This craft project needs following list of items; Ribbon, glue, red scrap, bells,pom pom balls, black and yellow paints and a paint brush, 2 wiggle eyes, hole punch, scissor and egg cartons.

Hanging Lantern: On this New Year you can make paper lanterns and decorate your home for evening parties. You can make it more eye-catching by hanging different colored lanterns in and around your home. You will need following list of items for making your lanterns; scissor, glue, shallow tape, construction paper, pencil, measuring scale, stapler and glitter.

New Year Cracker: You can make firecracker by using toilet tissue paper and some other items like, rubber band, yarn, paint and paintbrush, toilet paper roll, construction paper. You are free to input your creativity in making your firecracker.
Much awaited New Year is on your threshold enjoy it by using your own creativity and imaginations. Decorate your lovely home by making wonderful hand made crafts with some easily available things.

India Crafts offers detailed information on Chinese New Year Crafts.

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