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Chinese art vary widely due to its ancient history. Huge impact of ruling dynasties of China, changing technologies, and influence of philosophers’ teachers and religion can be seen on the nature of a particular Chinese art type. In the Neolithic period pottery and jade were used in the early art forms. In the Shang dynasty bronze was added in it. The Shang dynasty became especially popular for its bronze casting. The early Chinese music was influenced of Confucius; book of songs this music was based on percussion instrument. In the early Chinese period porcelain was used and it became so widespread that porcelain became synonymous to China. The Tang dynasty of China was particularly marked for foreign culture influence. In the tang dynasty Chinese music got its full expression hence the tang dynasty is also called the ‘golden age’ of Chinese poetry. Poets like, Li Po and Du Fu were the chief poets of this period.

Later in the Song dynasty paintings of nature and natural phenomena with faint outlines became very common. Unlike previous days in these paintings impression of spirituality was more than emotion. In the late imperial China there came two dynasties the Ming and the Quing in the Ming dynasty the use of color became very common. The Quing dynasty is marked

for introduction of the best opera the Beijing opera. In the Quing dynasty the traditional art of China gained full impetus this traditional art is still dominant in the form of ‘Chinese painting’. The art style of 20th century was highly influenced of New Culture Movement. The poetry of 20th century in China was influenced of Cultural Revolution. The present Chinese artists produce different multimedia installation, performance and experimental works these art forms have become widely popular in world.

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