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‘Car craft’ is a CC Automotive Group Limited trading. Mr. Steve Tingle, the owner of car craft is popularly known for his honest service and dependability towards his consumers he has earned a great reputation, faith loyalty and love of his vast satisfied customers. According to ‘car craft’ the customer while purchasing the vehicle should follow the stated terms and conditions, which govern the consumer contract. This consumer contract is an agreement between the consumer and the seller and the agreement is governed by consumer law which includes the Sale of Goods Act 1979 governed by the laws of England.Untill the purchase price is fully paid the vehicle remains the property of ‘Carcraft’.

The ‘car craft’ was originated in the London craft fair and at present time it has entered its second week with the range of 150 artisans showing their new invented wares.

Car craft supply: The Donwei Machinery Ind.Co. Ltd was the first company which holds the pride of car craft supply which originates from Taiwan. The chain of products supplied from this company are, leather shears, scissors, carpet shears, sewing accessories, different machinery parts etc. In the business of repairing both foreign domestic cars, car craft is serving more than 28 years. Car craft themes are also introduced in the preschool art and craft which is based on different mediums of transportations as school buses, helicopter, ambulance, airplanes etc.

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