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It is a proven fact that many of us learn more from what we see and do than what we listen or learn. Therefore crafts of any type can teach more effectively to a toddler than forceful learning. Crafts therefore are regarded as a vital aspect of any session with children of any age. From time to time many books on different craft ideas have been brought in the market. Similarly there are bible crafts book also found all over the world. A Bible craft book can help little children in learning the stories and verses and adapting the Bible truths in their practical life more efficiently. Through the medium of crafts children are enabled to interact with the stories.

Animals in Bible Crafts:

Animal ideas were widely used time to time in some of the Bible crafts. The Sunday school used butterfly and caterpillar themes, the vibrant colors used in it inspires the child in his learning process

Camels in Bible Crafts:

Camels were also used in Bible crafts book. The giant appearance of a camel increases a child’s imagination and resultant his learning process. According to a Bible saying, ‘It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God’.


Many Bible crafts have coloring scope for children of all age, some are based on the old testament whereas others are based on modern taste. The Old Testament includes;

* Coloring pages on Adam and Eve
* Abraham coloring pages
* Abel and Cain coloring pages
* Goliath and David coloring pages
* Creation coloring pages
* Esther coloring pages

Bible crafts help in paving the way for a young child to begin a relationship with his ancestors, his origin and in understanding the depth of his religion, which is not hostile.

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