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If you are planning to decorate your home with arts and crafts furniture then you can go for a complimentary mix of antique and modern furniture and art. In your assembled collections of furniture you can keep some of your repaired and restored furniture without sacrificing original coating and finish. In the market you will find fine highly payable arts and crafts furniture by famous designers. You can also find some anonymous pieces by unknown craftspeople of the past.

You can finish the furniture to any specification, but the best finish is that of Tung oil. It is an entirely natural finish which is heat and water-resistant. This can be improved over the years by regular application of fine beeswax. This will create a deep and warm coat, which is the specialty of the fine antique furniture.

Indian craftsmen have managed to preserve the tradition of Indian arts and crafts furniture, along with innovations and experiments. The obvious outcome is a unique and diverse collection of furniture. For example we may say that, since 19th century south India was famous for Ebony wood arts and crafts furniture but with the passing phase of time Ebony wood has become rare and now, Rosewood fulfilled the role of its immediate replacement in the south Indian arts and crafts furniture.

Indian arts and crafts furniture includes many regional specialities, but among the many Rajasthani and Gujrati furniture are fabulous with arts and crafts point of
view. In these arts and crafts furniture you can find traditional designs and motifs painted in colors that are very traditional. Here you can find

* Small chairs and table
* Stools
* Boxes
* Cabinets
* Photo frames and many more.

Although these are very traditional in style but still, you can place this furniture done craftily at your home with some modern stuff to create a fusion in your home décor.

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