Art Work


Art work is an outward appearance of ones creative traits. Art work is an outcome of our concealed endowments. Though art work and artistic brilliance is something acquired and inborn, still it can be determined by regular practice and observation. In more elaborate way we can say that, art work is an expression of ones imagination and creativity.

Art work always energizes our emotions, beliefs, thoughts, and ideas through our senses. Art works describes many things like,

• analyzing creative skills,

• technique or plan of utilizing those creative skills and many more.

Art work is also an outcome of creative excellence. Art work is always typified by its cultural background. There should be always a great impact of culture found on the nature of art work

Art work in India attempts to tell the story of Indian Art and the preface to the story lies deep in the culture of the land . Artistic expressions of Indian art work have their chews over hiding in the unremarkable corners of common life, like

* domestic rituals,
* religious rites,
* social ceremonies and even in
* the most insignificant repertoires of common people.

To make possible your journey of discovering India, art works in India introduces a comprehensive reference resource base, shedding light on different aspects of the varied and vast culture that is India.

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