Art Video


Art video is a picture movement art. An art video consists of both audio and video data. In the year 1960 and 1970 art video came into influence. And in modern days art video and its various installations became widespread. The word art video is derived from video tape. Art video is different from the theatrical video. As art video does not need actors and dialogues. Again art video does not have a plot.3

Art video came into being in 1965 after Nam June Paik in one autumn day used Sony Portpack in order to shoot the procession of Pope Paul through New York City. On that day June Paik, played the tape and in this way art video was born. Before the introduction of Sony Portpack, only moving image technology was common to customers but even that had many shortcomings it was like the moving image could not provide the facility of playback which a video tape technology could easily offer. Therefore art video became more appealing to common man.

Art video has two verities of representation single channel and installation. Single channel represents television similarly installation represents combination of traditional media. In modern days the most common type of art video is the installation video. Among the most famous video art artists’ names of Vito Acconci, Joan Jonas, Bruce Nauman, Dan Graham, and Peter Campus were very famous.
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