Art Therapy


Art Therapy is a mechanism of increasing emotional well being of a person. Art Therapy is an effective medium of psychotherapy. As art therapy is also popular as a mental health profession hence it is also employed in clinical settings. Other than medical application art therapy is also found in workshops and art studios. An art therapist deals

with adults, adolescents, children, families, couples communities and groups. The American Art Therapy Association believes that art making is a creative process and this creative process is level curing and life improving. Art therapists are the professionals who acquire both training and master’s degree in therapy.

The Purpose of Art Therapy

The sole purpose of Art therapy is to help a stressed person by improving his mental and emotional life. To cure one’s mental and emotional status art therapy applies some creative mediums like using canvas, sculpture, painting and many other such forms. The patients in art therapy feel free communicating with the therapist both verbally and visually. Art therapy is done by exploring the unconscious mind of a patient.

Art therapy is employed on a person suffering of mental and emotional disorder or the schizoaffective disorder. Art therapy is applied there where talk therapy and medication does no help. The famous proponents of art therapy like Vaccaro, Ed Beeson and Carol believe that there are different applications of art therapy which help in improving the mental and emotional condition of a man it helps a disturbed mind in being free by shedding tension.Art therapy also helps

in fighting negative self perception and improving the positive outlook. The different means of art therapy is basically used for children who are not able to express their thoughts verbally. Art therapy is also employed on adolescence disorders and also on the patients of posttraumatic disorder, who do not like to talk much about their problems in that case it becomes comfortable for them expressing their thought process through art.

Art therapy has different credentials, certificates and standards which art therapists must stick to. These credentials and standards are set by the ATCB, ‘Art Therapy Credentials Board.

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