Art Pepper


Arthur Edward Pepper popularly known as Art Pepper was an American jazz saxophonist. Art Pepper began his career in music in the year 1940.In the year 1950 Art pepper became a famous name in west coast jazz. Art pepper was born in California’s San Pedro. In 1940 Art pepper became indulged in heroin addiction due to which his professional career faced a hindrance. In 1970 Art Pepper came back and recorded many popular albums. Among the albums of Art Pepper, ‘Art Pepper meets the Rhythm Section’, ‘the Aladdin’, ‘Art Pepper and the Eleven- Modern Jazz Classics’ became widely popular.

Art pepper&rsquos personal life was very difficult but inspite of it Art Pepper use to remain quiet serious towards his profession. During the last years of his life Art Pepper use to put his entire life’s experiences into his albums and use to play the saxophones with poignant passion. Pepper’s happier days were very short those were during his interaction with Stan Kenton. Though during this time he was jailed because of his heroin addiction. In this way the first half of pepper’s career faced a sudden end. But in 1975 art pepper again came back with a musical start up.

During his life’s miserable phase Art pepper’s third wife Laurie pepper, became his sole companion and taking her guidance and inspiration Art Pepper not only reestablished his former career but also gathered a huge popularity by creating some intense and unique melodies. At the age of 56, the last phase of his life, Art Pepper became world’s top altoist. Art pepper’s autobiography Straight life, written by his wife Laurie Pepper in 1980, describes brutally all the miserable phases of his life.
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