Art Painting


When color is employed to canvas, paper or any other surface, this action is termed as art painting. Effectively, color is the soul of painting which has varying psychological effects on viewing individuals. Besides adding color, art painting involves conceptualizing and sketching .

The art of painting has embarked through a long journey. The earliest known art paintings claimed to be around 32000 years old. Prehistoric man who used to catch an animal tried to capture its spirit with his art paintings at that time.

During the middle ages, painting acquired form like

* Byzantine Art,
* Illuminated manuscripts,
* Gothic and Romanesque styles .

As times transformed from the middle ages to the Renaissance , art paintings also changed via the hands of great painters such as

* Michaelangelo Buanaroti,
* Titan,
* Leonardo Da Vinci and
* Raphael and many more .

Renaissance art painting was followed by Baroque Painting . Some well-known Baroque painters are:
• Vermeer,
• Rembrandt,
• Caravaggio,
• Rubens and
• Velaquez .

The 19th century witnessed Neo-classicism, Impressionism and Romanticism at their peaks. Neo-classicism and Romanticism, most distinctly characterized in the art paintings of David and Ingres. Impressionism had a more realistic approach as seen in the paintings of Monet and Camelle Corot.

Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Cezzane and Paul Gauguin were Impressionists whose art paintings adjoined Modernism which is the latest turn of art painting seems to have taken towards Contemporary Art .
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