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Art class is a place for learning drawing and painting skills. There are art classes for organized for different art forms, drawing, painting, music, dance, sculpture, paper art, instrumental art etc.Nowadays with the increasing interest and growing popularity of art different art related classes are organized in almost all parts of world. There are online classes for those who do not find opportunity of attending regular art classes, in online art class you can learn online art instruction and lessons in designing, composition, value patterns, knowledge of color schemes, drawing, painting and many other. In these art classes not only one learns different artistic skills but also learn concentrating towards work and also creating beautiful things from unused materials. Like in paper university art class, you can learn creating beautiful things by taking use of recycled papers. You can learn here making papier-mâché, making pulp ornaments and jewelry, making paper by hand, making books and making recycled paper beads

The Art of living carries on various social and humanitarian programs like, Dollar-A-Day Program especially for the children from rural India. The 5 th program, popularly known as the 5 H programs, i.e. health, home, hygiene harmonious diversity and Human values. The most popular program of the art of living foundation is the Art Excel program, an all round development program of youth and children in the age groups of 8 to 21 years. This program helps people in understanding the life and helps in fighting with the daily stress in life.

Art of living is nothing new in fact it is coming with the ancient age, Buddha taught about the art of living. He described that, the worldly desire is the chief cause of suffering. Our happiness depends on how successfully we shed our desires and understand the purpose of life which is to attain the higher self. The Art of Living foundation also conducts prison smart program, which provides moral upliftment training to juvenile and adult prisoners. This service was established in the year 1992.

The art of living foundation has done a lot in serving the society. It spreads Sri Ravishankar's message for the people of all social scenario its goals, values and the humanitarian approach is followed by all religion in same way.

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