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Art Garfunkel was an American singer, composer and actor. Art Garfunkel was born on5th November 1941.Art garfunkel folk band is more popularly known by the folk duo names Simon and garfunkel. The Actual name of Garfunkel was Arthur Ira garfunkel. Garfunkel met his partner Simon in the year between 1956 to 1962.garfunkel was a brilliant star he got the degree of B.A. in art history and simultaneously earned another master's degree in Mathematics. In the year 1963 both Simon and Garfunkel released their first duo album, Wednesday morning. But unfortunately the album couldn't manage to secure success and finally garfunkel and Simon split after it.

Art Garfunkel released some of his solo albums in the 1970s.but he did not reach that extent of popularity in between these years garfunkel also acted in some movies like Catch-22 and Carnal knowledge, with some other actors like, Candice Bergen, jack Nicholson and Ann- Margaret. Some hits of garfunkel are still very popular like, ‘I only have eyes with you' and ‘All I Know'.

In the year 2003, Art garfunkel composed his debut album “ Everything Waits to Be Noticed” this album has several songs which are written by Garfunkel himself.Garfunkel faced many ups and downs in his career, in 2004 he was arrested for keeping cannabis. And in August 2005 Garfunkel was again arrested in charge of keeping cannabis.

Though Art Garfunkel and Simon united and separated many a times in between but recently on 30 th January 2007, in an interview taken by a German television, garfunkel again expressed his wish to reunite with Paul Simon. Some of the famous albums of Art garfunkel are as follows:

Angel Clare (1973)
Fate for Breakfast (1979)
Scissors Cut (1981)
The Art Garfunkel album (1986)
Across America (1997)
Every thing waits to be noticed (2002)
Some Enchanted evening (2007)

Some famous films of Art Gafunkel are like, catch-22, carnal knowledge, bad timing, good to go and boxing Helena.

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