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Art game is a category of computer games. They are not simply created as games rather they are made like pieces of art. Some art games are created with utilitarian purposes while others are made simply for playing and interactive pieces with the user. Though art games are basically for the gaming purposes still they are created as arts. Commercial games are also perceived as pieces of art, though they are created with commercial purposes of gaming, they are produced as art games. One good example of this is the art created by Benjamin Fry's Valence.
Art game according to Tiffany Holmes, “contain a defined way to win or experience success in a mental challenge and passage through a series of levels, or a central character of icon which represents the player”. Generally art games are played online by a single player at a time. Art Game is generally divided into two group's political and aesthetic games Still many art games don't always come in the divided categories.

Art games are very popular as it gives both viewing and gaming pleasure at a same time. Generally art games are not addictive ones.

With the increasing commercialization of art games rarely look like a slik 3d photo. This is because the scope of 3d art is not so practicable. Adriana Carrnack is a very popular name in the field of creating art games.
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