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In order to get a complete picture of the Art Craft supplies, one must have an idea of the entire business machinery, involving manufacturers, whole sellers and retailers, who have gained prominence in this field. Art for art's sake, is no doubt, a cardinal truth; but still, many who themselves are not practitioners of art, are, in fact, making millions worldwide, by their lucrative dealings in the Art and Craft supply business. The Art and Craft retailers and the large scale dealers in this field are the lifeline of the artists and craftsmen, providing them a way to present their talents to the world. As a matter of fact the art dealers and retailers help the practitioners of art by providing them with the necessary platform for publicity and subsequent acceptance into the world's talent pool.

The Art Craft supplies in India are making way for earning a lot of foreign currency with the mass export of quality art items, exhibiting Indian tradition and aestheticism. Handwoven fabrics, potpourri and elegant Indian statuettes of glass and china are making their way to the global market, thereby upgrading the industry and reinforcing its position in the current economic scenario. Indian handicraft industry owes a lot to these Art and Craft suppliers, who are constantly working out novel ways to establish and strengthen the business links with the eminent international dealers.

Online portals and business directories maintain complete databases of these art and craft suppliers and retailers from all over the world. The art and craft manufacturing industries are serving as the supporting pillars, improving the export trade in this field. From supplying wall hangings, ethnic home decorative items, statues and handwoven carpets to oil paintings, Madhuban art, antique gift items and medieval weapons for export, the art and craft retailers in India have definitely earned world recognition.

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