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Art class is a place for learning drawing and painting skills. There are art classes for organized for different art forms, drawing, painting, music, dance, sculpture, paper art, instrumental art etc.Nowadays with the increasing interest and growing popularity of art different art related classes are organized in almost all parts of world. There are online classes for those who do not find opportunity of attending regular art classes, in online art class you can learn online art instruction and lessons in designing, composition, value patterns, knowledge of color schemes, drawing, painting and many other. In these art classes not only one learns different artistic skills but also learn concentrating towards work and also creating beautiful things from unused materials. Like in paper university art class, you can learn creating beautiful things by taking use of recycled papers. You can learn here making papier-mâché, making pulp ornaments and jewelry, making paper by hand, making books and making recycled paper beads

Seeing the emerging interest in art nowadays there are different Universities which provide both regular and online classes for ex the San Francisco Academy of Art University provide flexible and innovative online art classes by some well multimedia educated people. This online help can make you understand your creative abilities. There are provisions for those interested in pursuing higher education in art classes as well as for those who simply want to take some art instructions.Similary the Manga University also provides online trainings and art instructions on images. There are art classes held for children of all age and taste.
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