Art Attack


Art attack is a famous television programme on art especially for children in Britain. The programme started in the year 1989 and became the longest series programme in Britain. The entire programme on art attack was hosted by Neil Buchanan . In each episode Neil Buchanan was showed presenting three to four tips on art each day and telling step details one by one. The first eleven episodes of art attack were of 15 minutes but seeing the increasing popularity of the programme from the 11th episode the programme was extended for another 5 minutes.

The programme use to start with Neil Buchanan showing a finished piece of art work and after saying the quoted lines “come have a look at this” he use to continue the episode narrating each step of the piece of work shown before. His programme on art attack was as designed that it could appear easy for children in copying the steps and making their own pieces. After finishing one topic on an art work he used to repeat his famous lines “Try it yourself”.

The Big Art Attacks was the most cherished inclusion of Art attack. In this inclusion Buchanan use to present art works on a vast scale like on a playing field and Tarmac ground. One of his famous works was image of Queen Elizabeth 2 nd the image was made with £250,000. In one episode of art attack, especially made for holidays, Buchanan was showed presenting art attack on Manhattan's skyline.Another popular item is the animated human bust which used

To laugh and repeat the steps of the art pieces. This head bust was played by Steve Sweeny and by some other in different episodes the head bust was not more seen from the 13th episode. The art attack programme was produced by The Media Merchants . The art attack program was finally stopped last year i.e. on 4 October 2006.

The art attack programme continued for 17 years and for all these years the programme was recorded in the Maidstone Studios. In the year 1992 art attack won the famous BAFATA award i.e. award for Best children's Factual Show .
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