Kid Crafts


Kid Crafts is an excellent way to keep children busy when they have nothing to do. Kid Crafts help them to enjoy the pleasure of creating something at a young age. These creations could be made of different materials. Below are a series of kid crafts ideas which are fun to make.

Lion Mask: You can make it just with paper and colors. This kid craft is very simple and children can design their own lion mask.

Crayon T-shirt: Since kids are very good at breaking up crayons, this one will be a great fun. So you can add some color to your white t-shirt now.

Colored Noodles: This kid craft is cute, inexpensive and can be used in counting, sorting and sequencing games.

Finger Puppets: Your fingers are the legs of these paper kid crafts.

You can create all the nursery rhyme cast and put up your own show.

Balloon Ghost: This cute and movable ghost is easily made out of balloons and plastic grocery bags. You would surely have fun while making this kid craft.

Sailboat Craft: You take as little as few minutes to make this colorful toy. This craft is ideal for preschoolers and kindergarteners as they get to learn the use of scissors, coloring and molding clay.

Paper Clock: This kid craft helps in the mental development of a child and the importance of telling time could be known to them.

Rocket Craft: You can make this simple but innovative craft from paper towel tube and construction paper. Children would surely enjoy flying this rocket.

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