3-D Art


3-D art is created via the process of designing complex images from geometric shapes, to create realistic 3 dimensional shapes or objects. This kind of digital art works for various media such as film, television, print, rapid prototyping and the special visual effects. There are many software programs for doing this 3D art.

You can find some tutorials for the most popular 3d art packages. Currently available tutorials for 3D art are:

  • 3D Studio MAX
  • Blender
  • Light wave 3D
  • Maya and
  • Z Brush

The 3D art tutorials introduce the students to computing as applicable to the Digital Media Industry. Here you can develop a practical understanding of the underlying principles of 3D art industry including elements of

  • design
  • typography
  • digital audio and video
  • animation
  • authoring
  • preparing project proposals

You can learn the various methods of acquiring, collating and evaluating 3D art contents. 3D art tutorials equip you with the ability to communicate effectively in a professional manner.

The 3D art unit gives a solid grounding in the essential core skills required to create and produce three dimensional computer works, including

  • Modeling in 3D
  • Texturing
  • Lighting
  • Particles & Dynamics
  • Rendering techniques

There are so many career opportunities in 3D art, like:

  • Storyboard and Concept Artist
  • Character Designer
  • Layout and Background Artist
  • Animator
  • Art Director
  • Director
  • Instructor

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