Body Art



Body art is a typical art where an artist uses his own body to express his hidden artistic potentialities.The best examples of body art can be the tattoos , piercing, applying henna and branding. Body art is related to a kind of body modification. In the western culture body art is comprised of a category of performance art.
There are many famous examples of body art like Vito Acconci’s photo and textual document on his daily habits of exercises. The Guatemalan and Regina Galindo’s use of body art medium as a mark of protest against the existing political condition and the violence on women.

All around the world people chosed body art as a medium of modifying their physical beauty. Though the art remained more popular among women since ancient period but men also could not remain isolated. Since primitive years both men and women from all sections of society and cultures used earrings, nose rings, bangles, bracelets tattoos, face paint nose studs, scarring, blood, hair, ochre, gold, silver, lip plates and ear weights to adorn their body parts and to transform their body beautifully.

Body arts are of different types some are temporary while others are permanent. These body arts are inspired of certain themes which include universality, diversity and uniqueness, irony and deep significance of life. When some forms of body art generally concerns of body surface others concern of the actual body shape.

In modern society across the world body art has become more popular through the medium of body painting a very common scene at Helsinki in Finland, body painting is done both on full nude body as well as on a particular area of the body, and other media are tattooing very popular fashion around the world and application of henna on palms a common religious fashion of India.